After an unexpected death you will probably feel shocked. Like all the wind is punched out of your stomach, like you want to escape. You may be put off food and feel like your forcing yourself to eat and probably will feel nauseous for a while. If this death is unexpected it will probably will not click this means that you won’t believe it has happened. This may be because you didn’t know that this loved one had a disease or you did know but you didn’t believe it could be fatal or they have unfortunately committed suicide. You may expect them to tuck you into bed or that you will receive a text from them throughout the day, even though in your brain you know this is impossible but in your heart you are still praying. You may want to isolate yourself, not want to be smothered but you have to know that they are just trying to help and are probably going through the same or similar pain you are. You may give yourself tasks to put your mind off it but I personally believe you should face the position you’re in head on as you can’t hide from it forever. You may want to hide, not talk to anyone conceal yourself. You may want to bawl your eyes out, or you may not cry at all it is really personal to you. Me, personally I wanted to scream and I cried for hours and hours, as I discussed earlier most of these feeling that I have put across I have personally felt.



Remember I’m not a professional and i advise if possible you contact someone who can really help.

Tween kid bereaved

About my page

I’ve always wanted to write a blog but my life was pretty much ordinary. I had no excitement nothing anybody would want to read about. I always wanted people to know that I was here for them that I was there if anybody needed a helping hand, I wanted my voice to be heard. Recently, my father died I was very young and lost. I searched the internet hoping to find someone to help or explain, what I could or was feeling but there were only adults trying to put themselves in a kid’s shoes so I decided I would create this blog to help kids who may be going through the same thing one kid to another. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my blog and comment below if I would like me to post about anything. Please no hate! I will be uploading posts as regularly as I can!